Hottest weddings in 2015

weddingEvery year brings variations and differences in wedding preferences. However, some are more inclined to change than others. While wedding dress trends are more connected to shapes and sizes of brides, the theme and entertainment options are more correlated with the time lapse. We will briefly introduce you to the trends of 2015 and invite you to take a look at QualcosadiBluPhoto gallery with plenty of sneak-a-peaks into a diversity of weddings we have been honored to take part in. Continue reading

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin put on sale their London house

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Chris-MartinThe Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay band, moved permanently to Los Angeles. The commitments of the couple, in fact, are mainly in the USA and their villa in London, in the district of Belsize Park, is an excessive luxury even for a couple of the star system.

The princely mansion is on sale now for £ 7 million. Featuring 33 rooms, the villa is the result of subsequent extension works. Ten years ago, in fact, the couple had bought it for “only” £ 2.5 million (according to the UK magazine Rockol UK) and the only part of the house were the central part, previously owned by the actress Kate Winslet.

After the birth of their children, Apple and Moses, the couple had the need to expand the space, buying for a further £ 3 million two adjacent properties and making then a single, gigantic, house. Their neighbors have never had much sympathy for the couple who, in addition to the work on their property, also created a huge pool in the back and knocked down several trees to park their cars more easily.

Now, due to the fact that they work mainly in the USA and thanks to the relaxed atmosphere of a city as LA, the couple decided to move permanently to California. Gwyneth has decided to move closer to herfamily (she was born in Los Angeles in 1972). That’s why the house in London is not really needed anymore.

Anyway the couple seems does not want to leave completely London, as rumors close to the actress and her husband says that the two are looking for a new (and smaller) house in London, probably in the Regent’s Park area.

Shakira and Rihanna together in a new music video

Shakira-RihannaShakira and Rihanna have released the video of their duet. The colombian singer and the Barbadian star have recorded the video for the single “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” which appears in the Shakira’s tenth album.

In the video seems like the two stars amaze in some exotic location.
Both of them are native of the Caribbean and it seems that the clip is a sort of tribute to their native land. In the video, the two stars are dancing and shaking in malicious hugs while smoking a cigar in a tent.

“Working with her was a mirage for me”, Shakira said in an interview held by Glamour magazine for the February issue. She says “Shakira is one of the best woman on the planet earth. In the end we are both Caribbean. No coincidence that the feeling between us was immediate. He taught me a few steps of dance, she was a sweet and reassuring teacher”.

About a year ago Shakira became the mother of the little Milan, who will turn 1 the next February 22. For her, motherhood was an overwhelming experience that has completely changed her life and also her approach to music.

The colombian singer says “fortunately, after publishing my latest album ‘Sale el Sol’ I went into one of the happiest phase of my life. It was a period of change, rebirth, discovery of myself, then I became a mother, an experience that has completely changed, for the better, my world”.

Shakira and Rihanna fans will appreciate for sure this new video of their favourite artist.

Britney Spears and Lady Gaga will duet

Britney-Spears-Lady-GagaRivals? Perhaps someone may have said that. But sometimes also rivals can find a common point and start to point together to the same direction. This is what will happen (not 100% sure but there are good chances) to Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, who should join very soon in a musical duet.

It’s not a bit of time that rumors about a duet by Britney Spears and Lady Gaga are on the internet. The official confirmation of this unexpected collaboration comes by Britney via a tweet on her official account: “Little Bird told me something cool today. Se you soon Lady Gaga”. The greeting given to Lady Gaga (“see you soon”) seems to be the confirmation of an artistic collaboration that could revolutionize forever the history of pop music.

Unfortunately this is all we know at the moment about the possible duet between Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. The two queens of pop have recently given birth to their latest disc so probably this duet will remain a single episode and won’t be an entire album. Of course, those are only speculations and no-one can say nothing sure today about future intentions of those two singers.

One last thing still missing is the date when the duet will be taken. Britney’s and Gaga’s fans, of course, can’t wait for this moment and we, as music lover, too. What we hope is that this duet will really be taken within 2014. It will be truly interesting and, who knows, maybe we can see the birth of a new and more continuative co-operation.

Take That back to work: Robbie Williams will be there?

Take-ThatOn Twitter, Howard Donald and Gary Barlow has announced that Take That are back to work with new projects and sonorities. Fans of the band will be happy without any doubt, unfortuntely there is one (big) doubt: there is still uncertainty about the return of Robbie Williams.

Take That begin to get serious. The news that many were waiting for has arrived: the band is back. On the social network Howard Donald has posted an unambiguous message: “in the studio with the boys! I’m excited, we will do our best to produce an incredible album”. The “boys” are obviously Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and Mark Owen, three of the original five of Take That. They are still waiting to see the real intentions of Robbie Williams, in the meantime they are working hard. Barlow has abandoned his experience on X Factor to concentrate excusively on Take That reunion.

What is the timeline for this amazing reunion? January is the month to be back in studio and a new tour for the following year, 2015.

Everyone is waiting for Robbie. The british singer, without any doubt the one who, after Take That experience, had more success with soloist singer and he is still waited by his ex-band. Robbie of course needs to be quick in taking his decision as the Take That will start to work quickly and they cannot wait too long.

Of course, to return to work with his colleagues, Robbie need to take a break from his solo career. What will be his choice?

“Invisible” from U2, download it for free and help to fight AIDS

invisible-U2Invisible“, unpublished piece of the famous irish band U2, will be presented during the next NFL Super Bowl in a spot directed by Mark Romanek. The song, produced by Danger Mouse and mixed by Tom Elmhirst, officially launches a partnership between (RED) foundation and Bank Of America in the fight against AIDS. Each time the song is downloaded, anywhere in the world, $ 1 will be donated to (RED) by Bank of America up to a total of $ 2 million.

The song will be available for free download on February 2nd for 24 hours only, so it is needed to be quick. The song (as said, it’s title is “Invisible”) has never been published by Bono and friends as it has been recorded specifically for (RED).

The song will be available exclusively on Apple’s digital store for one of the main sport event in the USA, the Super Bowl, which promise to be, as every year, highly spectacular. As it has been officially announced on U2 website, the band will present the song during the Super Bowl.

Grows in the meantime waiting for the Oscars 2014, where U2 are trying to win for the Best Original Song and the Best Original Score for “Ordinary Love”, a song from the soundtrack of the film devoted to the life of Nelson Mandela. “Mandela: Long Walk to freedom” is the title of the movie. If the irish band should win this prize it will be the second one won with this song after the recent Golden Globe Award.

Justin Bieber out of the USA, the online petition

Justin-BieberJustin Bieber out of the USA? More than 100,000 people have signed the petition to bring Bieber (who is canadian) out of the USA. The reason? His latest arrest in Miami on early Tuesday morning ( January 23th) as the police kept him in an illegal drag racing. Policemen also referred to smell alcohol in the air.

The petition is named “Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card” and, on the White House’s website, has more than 100,000 signatures.By the US law, when a petition reach 100,000 signatures it will be submitted to Obama’s staff, who will need to respond. The goal should have been reached by Febrary 22nd, but only few days were sufficient to get the milestone.

In this 2014 is already the second time Bieber has problems. At the beginning of this year he was questioned about the egging of one of his neighbour’s house, in Calabasas, California.

As we can read on the motivation related to the petition, Bieber is a wrong representation of the pop culture. He is reckless, dangerous, destructive and he abuse drugs. At the end he is a very negative example for our youth. Other than that, which his behaviours he put in serious risk the safety of our people. We (the american) want Bieber out of our society.

Hard words those about the young singer and actor. Justin Bieber is one of the most famous singer in the world, much loved by teenagers. He is famouse since he was a child and this is a clear case that help us to understand what money and fame can do to a person if they’re not controlled: total ruin.

Carla Bruni needs to cancel her tour dates in Canada: few tickets sold!

Carla-bruniShe’s rich and elegant, she was the former first lady of France until some months ago (when her husband, Nicholas Sarkozy, was defeated by Holland to be the president in France), she’s famous but not everything is going to be in a positive way.

We are talking about Carla Bruni, who in Canada has very few fans. Carla Bruni has had to cancel part of the tour scheduled during spring time this year to promote the release of his latest album “Little French Song”. According to the Canadian newspaper Ottawa Citizen the “ex-premier dame” sold only few dozens of tickets for the date of April 23 at the Casino du Lac Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec (the theatre can accommodate more than a thousand people). Also other concerts of the tour, which were initially scheduled in the canadian cities of Montreal and Quebec, have been deleted.

After this “flop” the singer and her agent have been forced to cancel the dates and reimburse the dollars spent to those few fans who bought the ticket  at the box office to hear, live, her new album.

In short, some people have problems due to selling out and need to double their dates, others are not able to not only to fill the whole theaters, but even the first row.

Of course the image is not positive, maybe Carla is more loved in Europe (where she should be more known) and in “her” France. Maybe next time things will be better and she will be able to perform.

Little Mix ready to conquer the USA with their second album

little-mixLittle Mix are prepared to conquer America, once again. After the huge success of their debut album, “DNA”, in the USA, which bring them to break the Spice Girls record, Little Mix will try again with the release of their second album, “Salute”. For those who do not know them, their are a british band consisting of Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall and Jesy Nelson.

The second album, already relased in some countries (such as in Italy) will be out in the U.S. on the 4th of February, just in time for the start of the Neon Lights Tour, the event that has brought together the most famous singers of the time.

Main star of Neon Lights Tour is Demi Lovato. Along with Demi, on the stage will also perform Fifth Harmony, Cher Lloyd and the Little Mix, who will take advantage of this opportunity to promote their new “Salute” in the USA.

The Neon Lights Tour will touch 27 cities in the United States and Canada from February 9th to March 30th, then April 25th the tour will move to Brazil and other South American countries, with several concerts already organized until May 17th. Unfortunately there are not yet dates for the European tour.

In the meantime they’re back in the United Kingdom after a trip to Liberia and the Little Mix have found a great surprise waiting for them. Their official Twitter account has reached five million followers. The girls quick wanted to thank all of their supporters through a funny video posted on YouTube.