Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin put on sale their London house

Gwyneth-Paltrow-Chris-MartinThe Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin, leader of Coldplay band, moved permanently to Los Angeles. The commitments of the couple, in fact, are mainly in the USA and their villa in London, in the district of Belsize Park, is an excessive luxury even for a couple of the star system.

The princely mansion is on sale now for £ 7 million. Featuring 33 rooms, the villa is the result of subsequent extension works. Ten years ago, in fact, the couple had bought it for “only” £ 2.5 million (according to the UK magazine Rockol UK) and the only part of the house were the central part, previously owned by the actress Kate Winslet.

After the birth of their children, Apple and Moses, the couple had the need to expand the space, buying for a further £ 3 million two adjacent properties and making then a single, gigantic, house. Their neighbors have never had much sympathy for the couple who, in addition to the work on their property, also created a huge pool in the back and knocked down several trees to park their cars more easily.

Now, due to the fact that they work mainly in the USA and thanks to the relaxed atmosphere of a city as LA, the couple decided to move permanently to California. Gwyneth has decided to move closer to herfamily (she was born in Los Angeles in 1972). That’s why the house in London is not really needed anymore.

Anyway the couple seems does not want to leave completely London, as rumors close to the actress and her husband says that the two are looking for a new (and smaller) house in London, probably in the Regent’s Park area.