Classic brands we need to rediscover

Once upon a time, there was the made in Italy… whether times change and many of the most famous Italian brands have been bought by foreign companies, the most historical ones seems not having lost their verve as they are always liked all around the globe.

Unfortunately, Italy has never been able to compete with others in terms of competitivity, and there are many reasons for that.

Classic brands to rediscover

Yet classic Italian brands have always been the embodiment of excellence in a variety of industries. But what are the most famous Italian products in the world?

Here are some classic brands and brands that should be rediscovered.


Founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921, this brand has long been one of the pillars of Italian luxury fashion and beyond. 300 stores around the world, a massive turnover and… a property that is no longer Italian. Currently, the company is part of the Gucci Group, a division of the French company Kering also based in Beijing.


The Amaro Ramazzotti was born in Milan in 1815 and soon became the brand par excellence of this kind of liqueurs. It is a product that is also very successful abroad (especially in Germany) and since 1985 is part of the French multinational group Pernod Ricard.


Buitoni is a historical company founded in 1827 in Sansepolcro. Despite the fact that its brand is no longer entirely Italian (it is under the control of the Swiss multinational Nestlé with the participation of the Italian Newlat), it remains one of the most important Italian brands in the food sector.

Giovanni Rana

He certainly deserves a place on this list Giovanni Rana. The company, founded in 1961 as a small workshop for the production of handmade tortellini near Verona, is now a well established brand. Currently known as Gruppo Pastifici Rana, it is one of the main world leaders in the sector.

Naturally, we have excluded brands such as Ferrari and Ferrero from the list, which would be too obvious. Beyond that, it’s just a small taste of what Italy has to offer.