Hottest weddings in 2015

weddingEvery year brings variations and differences in wedding preferences. However, some are more inclined to change than others. While wedding dress trends are more connected to shapes and sizes of brides, the theme and entertainment options are more correlated with the time lapse. We will briefly introduce you to the trends of 2015 and invite you to take a look at QualcosadiBluPhoto gallery with plenty of sneak-a-peaks into a diversity of weddings we have been honored to take part in.

The process of wedding planning is extremely exciting and creative but it is hard as well. It is always good to start off with a structured outline and work your way through it. The theme of the wedding is something which will include a massive amount of categories. However, by choosing a theme, you have done at least half of the job. Popular themes of 2015 include outdoor variations such as rustic chic, vintage and secret garden. They include a lot of green vegetation, field flowers, wooden details under the sunlight. Indoor celebrations will be classy, modern and minimalist. Additionally, special themes such as Great Gatsby or the Wild West are going to enter the big scene of weddings again this year. Whatever you choose, allow yourself individuality and incorporate your ideas into the picture.

The brides of year 2015 seem to have all agreed on one thing – the color. Feminine and gentle yet vibrant blush colors of dahlias, hyacinths, sweet peas and cherry blossom should be your guiding light in decorating tables, bouquets and dresses of the bridesmaids.

When it comes to entertainment, we encounter a myriad of options one can choose from depending on preferences. However, live music is a must. The price range as well as genre spectrum can satisfy anyone’s inclinations (from a blues session to a drum’n’bass party). In addition, it is always enchanting to have the first dance song played specifically for you and your spouse. Depending on your budget and personality you can hire dance professionals to boost the atmosphere fire performers, magicians or caricaturists to make the celebration a bit more burlesque. Who does not like a carnival?!

The biggest trend for weddings in 2015 is individualization. Couples want to make the most memorable day of their lives personalized. So, if you are sitting in front of your monitors, browsing the Internet for ideas how to achieve it, while the engagement ring constantly reminds you of the gratitude of the step you will be making with your significant other, here is an advice made in gold: soak in as much as you can from the work of others because it will put a perspective on what you actually like and/or dislike. However, after you have done some amount of research, sit with your future spouse and discuss both of your wishes and ways in which you can make the wedding day your own. You do not have to pick every flower together – just state some general ideas. If both of you are in the process, the wedding will have a charm like no other!