Carla Bruni needs to cancel her tour dates in Canada: few tickets sold!

Carla-bruniShe’s rich and elegant, she was the former first lady of France until some months ago (when her husband, Nicholas Sarkozy, was defeated by Holland to be the president in France), she’s famous but not everything is going to be in a positive way.

We are talking about Carla Bruni, who in Canada has very few fans. Carla Bruni has had to cancel part of the tour scheduled during spring time this year to promote the release of his latest album “Little French Song”. According to the Canadian newspaper Ottawa Citizen the “ex-premier dame” sold only few dozens of tickets for the date of April 23 at the Casino du Lac Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec (the theatre can accommodate more than a thousand people). Also other concerts of the tour, which were initially scheduled in the canadian cities of Montreal and Quebec, have been deleted.

After this “flop” the singer and her agent have been forced to cancel the dates and reimburse the dollars spent to those few fans who bought the ticket  at the box office to hear, live, her new album.

In short, some people have problems due to selling out and need to double their dates, others are not able to not only to fill the whole theaters, but even the first row.

Of course the image is not positive, maybe Carla is more loved in Europe (where she should be more known) and in “her” France. Maybe next time things will be better and she will be able to perform.

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