Take That back to work: Robbie Williams will be there?

Take-ThatOn Twitter, Howard Donald and Gary Barlow has announced that Take That are back to work with new projects and sonorities. Fans of the band will be happy without any doubt, unfortuntely there is one (big) doubt: there is still uncertainty about the return of Robbie Williams.

Take That begin to get serious. The news that many were waiting for has arrived: the band is back. On the social network Howard Donald has posted an unambiguous message: “in the studio with the boys! I’m excited, we will do our best to produce an incredible album”. The “boys” are obviously Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and Mark Owen, three of the original five of Take That. They are still waiting to see the real intentions of Robbie Williams, in the meantime they are working hard. Barlow has abandoned his experience on X Factor to concentrate excusively on Take That reunion.

What is the timeline for this amazing reunion? January is the month to be back in studio and a new tour for the following year, 2015.

Everyone is waiting for Robbie. The british singer, without any doubt the one who, after Take That experience, had more success with soloist singer and he is still waited by his ex-band. Robbie of course needs to be quick in taking his decision as the Take That will start to work quickly and they cannot wait too long.

Of course, to return to work with his colleagues, Robbie need to take a break from his solo career. What will be his choice?