Miley Cyrus and her Wrecking ball, new video (and critics)

miley-cyrusWhen she discovered latex it was the beginning of the end. This is the picture of the young teen Miley Ray Cyrus, once known as Hannah Montana. She has never been so distant from that innocent image. It’s the sunset of an era and the starting point of a new one. One of the most discussed musical video ever is the one of Wrecking Ball, latest song by Miley Cyrus.

Miley is a pop star to love or to have. Whatever is your choice, this time se come with a song probably weaker than the first single but, due to the video, more viral than ever. Despite all of those who says that Miley is “unsexy”, “just twerking and stop” and like a “plaster”, at the end we need to plause the song and, most importantly, Terry Richardson (the author of the clip) which shows once again to the world his ability to create great art works.

Naked, in tears and with blue eyes, Miley seems to go over the edge and start a new “era” of musical video. This is not the first video in which the young star is provocative but maybe this is the most provocative video she ever played.

Wrecking Ball is the sixth song of her latest album, “Bangerz”. Other songs from the same album are “Adore You”, “We Can’t Stop”, “SMS (Bangerz)” and “4×4”.

Once again Miley is under the fire for her behaviour but it won’t change at all what her fans will think of her.